fresh milk to your door!
  • 1- We bring 100% natural produce, Fresh From the farm to your kitchen tables in a matter of hours! Safely, hygienically and with due care. All our Products are grown, harvested or sourced locally.

  • 2- Although we do not claim to be organic, we try to follow the principles of organic farming whenever possible; For instance, we do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticidal sprays on any of our crops, including those intended as fodder for animals and birds!

  • 3- We employ modern technology and skills to ensure that our valued customers get excellent quality, fresh produce, packed with all the nutrition nature intended for it. We have a state of the art fleet of transport so that your food stays healthy and fresh all the way to your doorstep.

  • 4- We keep all our animal and bird stocks vaccinated throughout the year. Biohazards are mitigated with effective protocols and procedures which ensure safety and hygiene. We have implemented a strict Quality Control regime designed to ensure the integrity of our products throughout the supply chain.

  • 5- We take full responsibility for ensuring that our valued consumers receive exactly what's been promised, every-day! We are happy for any of our product to be tested and we promise to share the results with everyone!

  • 6- We have started supplying fresh milk! To find out more about what you should choose Campbellpur Fresh Milk click here.

  • 7- We will be expanding our product range as and when safe and sealed logistics infrastructure is put in place to guarantee the natural freshness of our products is preserved!